Artist Statement

In my paintings, the forest is the ground in which I place my figures. The forest as a natural and living space, symbol of identity, backdrop of numerous fairy tales and legends, retreat, a place full of secrets and without overview, ambiguous. Fascination with fur, untamed nature and figurative oil painting have led me to the realistic depiction of wild animals. But the animals also point to a spiritual level, have been charged with many meanings throughout the world since ancient times. The squirrel Ratatösk from the Edda, who continually jumps between the opposing forces of the eagle in the tops of the world tree and the dragon at its roots, has become my alter ego.

The basis of my work are own photographs of forest areas I explore by hiking and found images. During the painting process I create my own landscape using the figures to emphasize the illusion of a three-dimensional space. The fairy-tale atmosphere in my paintings allows me to indicate unspeakable truths and express special moods and entanglements, trying to capture the situation of our time. 


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